A Case with a Slip And Fall Attorney in Brooklyn NY is Built on One Idea- “What is Reasonable?”

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Lawyers

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In 2011, a woman sued Costco for slipping and falling near the entrance. Reportedly, she slipped and fell on a piece of food, for the Costco was doing field sampling that day. She ended up losing the case. The core of the argument was that the Costco already had hourly floor cleaning instated in the business. It was shown that the employees did, in fact, clean within that hour. The bulk of the woman’s case was built on the idea that they should be cleaning every 30 minutes because of the food sampling. There was no precedent set for that standard, for corporate already found hourly cleaning fair. The court found a 30-minute cleaning schedule unreasonable.

The idea of “reasonable” permeates every aspect of slip and fall cases with a Slip And Fall Attorney in Brooklyn NY area. It is in the definition of the law niche. Legally, Businesses that welcome the public onto their premises have a legal duty to keep them “reasonably” safe.

Of course, that is vague to a fault. A Slip And Fall Attorney has to build a case that steers the idea of what is reasonable towards their client. So what made the Costco case fall apart for the woman?

Firstly, Costco had a reasonable record of their cleaning and maintenance. If that was scheduled and proven to have occurred, the basis of the woman’s argument was good. Her attorney did not create an argument where the floors were not cleaned it all. Her attorney stated they should be cleaned more.

30 minutes is, agreeably, a bit much. It may even take 30 minutes to clean the floor, which essentially means that there’s a constant person cleaning at all times. That was the downfall of the Costco woman’s case. She did not account for the very basic idea, and deservedly did not win.

A case with a Slip And Fall Attorney in Brooklyn NY will have to be reasonable in order to move forward. It will take someone who understands the courts, and who can do the proper research in the company premises where the injury occurred. The case is lost because of an unreasonable expectation of cleaning.
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