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Ways a Divorce Attorney in Dodge WI Can Save a Client Money

Ending a marriage is expensive. Assets must be divided equitably and each spouse must learn to live on a single income with half of what they accumulated during the marriage. In addition to that, most people need to hire an attorney to advise them on the legal aspects of the divorce. Although there might not be must someone can do to change the fact they’ll have to give up a large portion of their assets, it is possible to save some money on attorney fees.

Divorcing couples who are able to work out the terms of their divorce on their own may file the documents with the court and forgo an attorney altogether. This can eliminate attorney fees, but it isn’t always a good idea. By agreeing to things they don’t completely understand, one spouse can give up more than what they could potentially save in legal costs. A better option might be to consult with a divorce attorney in Dodge WI and have them review the documents before they are filed with the court. This will save money as well as ensure the agreement is fair.

Another option a Divorce Attorney can help with its a collaborative divorce. This allows couples to work together, with the help of attorneys to represent their interests. They must agree to settle their case outside of court in order to proceed with a collaborative divorce. There are financial penalties involved if they change their minds. In order to litigate after a couple has agreed to a collaborative divorce, each spouse must hire a new divorce attorney in Dodge WI.

Of course, litigation is always an option but it’s an expensive one. Witnesses and the research involved in a trial are costly. This option should be avoided if possible. When couples elect to have their cases heard in divorce court, they give up their opportunity to work out the terms of the divorce on their own. The decisions they weren’t able to make will be made by the judge and they might not be favorable to either party. When child custody is decided in court, parenting time is nearly always inconvenient. Exploring every option before a trial is definitely in the client’s interest.

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