A Divorce Attorney in Walker, MN Can Help With Issues Even After a Divorce

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Divorce Attorney

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Even after a divorce is finalized, the parties may face some persistent legal issues. A divorce is only the start of lasting changes that can take a time to complete, and most couples need a lawyer’s help to navigate the process. Some of the most common issues faced by divorcing parties include:

• Modification of spousal support

• Relocation (especially important with issues such as child visitation or custody)

• Property issues: Equitable distribution can take a long time, and a divorce attorney in Walker, MN can help clients get what they deserve.

• Estate issues: Property distribution may need re-evaluation after a divorce. A trust or a will may once have expressed the parties’ wishes, but it may need to be updated to reflect current desires.

• Remarriage: It can affect matters such as inheritance, visitation and child support. A divorce attorney can tell a client whether their remarriage will affect them in other ways.

Other issues can arise after a divorce. For example, if new facts are discovered, such as information on a joint business venture, parties may need to reconsider their legal choices.

Can a Divorce Ruling Be Modified?

Many divorcing couples ask questions on the modification of alimony or spousal support. Requirements may change based on a person’s needs or circumstances, and the other party’s obligations may need to be modified. In some cases, alimony is canceled if the receiver remarries.
Similar changes may be made in regards to child support, visitation, and custody. Many think that these issues are resolved after a divorce, but they are fluid and can change with time. Decisions and changes made after a divorce can have more of a long-term impact than initial rulings made during a divorce trial.

Hiring an Attorney For Legal Issues Appearing After a Divorce

Issues that only appear after a divorce can be complex, and they frequently require the help of a divorce attorney in Walker, MN, especially if the other party has already hired legal counsel. Borden Steinbauer Krueger and Knudson P.A. will advise their clients on the best way to proceed, and will offer good legal representation and advice to help resolve issues after the divorce is finalized.

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