What are Some of the Benefits Associated with Living Wills in Bel Air MD?

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Law

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Many people understand the importance of preparing last wills and testaments, but they are not quite so clear when it comes to Living Wills in Bel Air MD. The fact is that these types of legal documents are also important to have in place. Here are a couple of reasons why a living will is a good idea.

Making End of Life Wishes Known

Living Wills in Bel Air MD are focuses on the wishes of the patient as they relate to care after some sort of catastrophic medical event. If the patient is not responsive or is otherwise not in a position to make medical decisions, the terms of the living will can guide the medical staff in determining the next course of action. Many documents of this type are set up so that if specific circumstances are in place, any further efforts at treatment can be abandoned. For example, if the attending physician certifies that a patient is terminal and the chances for recovery at extremely slim, the terms of the document can be used as the basis for shifting from recuperative care to keeping the patient comfortable during his or her last hours.

Preventing the Prolonging of Life with No Chance for Recovery

A living will can also spell out the wishes of the patient to not be kept alive in what constitutes a permanent vegetative state. If a medical event or accident leaves the patient in a permanent coma, the document provides the authorization to remove breathing and feeding tubes, and to stop any further efforts to restore the person to a wakeful state. Instead, the care will focus on keeping the patient comfortable as he or she passes away.

The proper preparation of a living will requires the help of an attorney. For those who are ready to take this step, contact the law offices of today. All it will take is one appointment to settle on the content of the document, and rest assured that it will provide the legal support needed when and if the client is no longer in a position to make medical decisions.

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