Confused And Worried About A Divorce? There Are Divorce Attorney in Mequon, WI That Can Help

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Lawyers

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Divorce. Yes, it is a scary word to many. What happens if we both want the kids? Who is going to be able to live in the marital home? Will I lose my 401K? Will I have to pay child support? Do I have to pay alimony? If you’re contemplating divorce, you’ve probably been running those questions through your mind. You’ve also probably researched the Internet for answers, only to find that laws vary from state to state. There are Divorce attorneys Mequon WI that can answer all of your questions professionally.

Child custody is the most heart-wrenching part of a divorce. Did you know that there are both Federal and State laws that govern child custody? The Federal law is the UCCJEA. The UCCJEA is short for the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. This law was created for parents who attempt to kidnap or conceal their child across state lines. Before the enactment of this law, two or more states would legally battle for home state jurisdiction of a child, leaving the custody in limbo for the parent that was left behind. Each state has its own version of this law, which include local laws. There is also a question of venue in child custody law. If one parent moved to another county, and then the other to a different county upon separation, where is the child custody decided? This is a matter for local law. You can see just from that short area of jurisdiction and venue, child custody can be very hard for an average educated person to understand. This is why you need to get to check on Divorce attorneys Mequon WI. View website for more details.

In addition to child custody, the splitting of your debts and assets also come into the picture during a divorce. Questions such as:

•    Will I get the money I put down on the house back in the divorce settlement that I took from my 401K?

•    Will I lose my retirement money?

•    Who will pay off the credit card I didn’t know about?

These are only two of a hundred questions that will go through your mind. If you’re contemplating a divorce and are concerned about your children, yourself and your finances, contact Fraker Law Firm S.C.


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