Myths About Divorce In Dayton, OH

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Divorce Attorney

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It seems that whenever people talk about divorce in Dayton, OH there is a constant repeating of myths that are simply not accurate. By understanding your options through divorce and making conscious choices to work together even when you have had difficulties in the past you can get through a divorce with minimal stress.

However, when one party is against the divorce or has been hurt by an affair, a breach of trust, or has intense feels of loss, betrayal or abandonment working together can be difficult. This is where attorneys can help you to negotiate your divorce in Dayton, OH with as little conflict as possible.

Myth 1: You Cannot Determine Your Own Settlement

This is an absolute myth and you do have the option, with your attorney, to negotiate and mediate all aspects of your divorce in Dayton, OH. This means that you can create your own shared parenting plan, decide how to split your assets and liabilities, and even look for ways to reduce the expenses and tax issues that can be involved in a divorce.

Myth 2: You Don’t Need an Attorney

You can do a divorce pro se or without legal advice and counsel, but if you make a mistake it is going to be much more costly to get it corrected years down the line. Having an attorney prepare the documents, make sure the other person is notified and ensure that all assets have been disclosed and are accounted for in the divorce is important. An attorney for your divorce in Dayton, OH can also answer your questions about child custody, child support, spousal support and parenting arrangements.

Myth 3: Divorcing Couples Have to be Enemies

Many couples go through a divorce in Dayton, OH and are able to be civil, polite and respectful to each other for the sake of the children. There are even couples that go through a divorce and find that they are able to develop, over time, a very effective co-parenting relationship.

Some divorced couples still get together for children’s birthdays, attend school events together and are able to work with new partners in each other’s lives. This is certainly not always the case but it can and does happen especially when both people are willing to leave the past in the past and move on from their divorce in Dayton, OH.

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