Understanding Racial Discrimination Laws Springield MA

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Lawyers

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Racial Discrimination Laws Springfield MA confuse many, and this can lead to a person being charged without understanding why. In addition, there are sometimes false claims of discrimination when no wrong has been committed. Anyone who is accused of this crime, whether the accusation is fair or not, will need to seek legal counsel. Victims should also speak out in this situation, as they deserve for their voice to be heard. Following are different types of discrimination a person should be aware of.

Individuals can easily identify direct discrimination, simply because it is very blatant and done completely in the open. Some commit this type of discrimination because they never stop to consider the consequences or because they think the person won’t do anything about it. Employers may joke that certain employees can’t take part in an activity because they may contaminate other, or someone may make degrading or humiliating comments about one person.

Indirect discrimination, in contrast, is found when an employer or co-worker discriminates against a person, yet tries to hide that they are doing so. When all employees receive a bonus for example, except for those in one specific group, this is indirect discrimination. Although the employer may give a reason for not providing bonuses to this group, it may be that they are actually discriminating against the group and trying to cover it by providing this reason. This type of discrimination can be harder to identify.

Harassment may also be deemed discrimination in certain situations. If the harassment is the direct result of a person’s race, it is discrimination. When one person is frequently reprimanded in front of other employees for failing to do their job, when they are in fact completing the job to the same standards as other employees, he or she is being discriminated against.

Victims and employers alike need to document any incident where one or more parties may claim discrimination. Racial Discrimination Laws Springfield MA are designed to protect the victim, yet those of this crime need to have legal recourse too. Anyone involved in a racial discrimination suit needs legal advice to ensure they know what steps to take to develop a case. Connor Morneau & Olin offers assistance to those in this situation to make certain all receive fair treatment under the law.

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