Qualities of a Good DUI Attorney

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Criminal Attorney

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The right attorney is key to getting your DUI charges reduced or even dropped. Here are some of the top qualities a good DUI defense attorney in Salinas should have:


A lawyer should be trustworthy and has a great measure of integrity. Your lawyer should be open and honest with you regarding possible outcomes and what your options are. A lawyer who tries to sugarcoat anything isn’t a good choice, the Chron says.

Research skills

Lawyers need to gather data and information to build up your defense. From researching the rule of law to interviewing witnesses and trying to find out exactly what happened during the incident, your lawyer should have solid research and investigative skills. This will help ensure your lawyer can help you challenge the accuracy of the tests or even the validity of the arrest itself.

Negotiating skills

Go for a lawyer with exceptional negotiating skills. You’ll need someone to negotiate with the prosecution, in case a settlement out of court is possible. This is especially crucial if you want your lawyer to be able to plea bargain for lesser charges or a reduced sentence.


It’s not going to be easy. You want someone who’s going to be determined and dedicated to your case to ensure they work round-the-clock to defend you, exploring every avenue possible. If you’re charged with a DUI and you’re already a repeat offender, this is the kind of lawyer you want on your side.

Communication skills

Pick a lawyer you’re comfortable with, puts you at ease and makes things easy for you. If your lawyer is too busy to take your calls or answer your emails, if he isn’t communicating with your regularly, it will be better for you and your case to simply hire a better good DUI defense attorney in Salinas to replace him.

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