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What To Do When Faced With Wrongful Employment Termination in Northampton MA

There is nothing more hurting in ones employment life than facing a Wrongful Employment Termination Northampton MA. According to the labor law, every employee should enjoy rights to protection of their employment. In case you are illegally dismissed from work, do not just sit back and sulk, fight for your rights. If your employer fired you because of any of the following reasons, then you have a reason to file a case against him.

  • If you were fired as an employer’s form of revenge because he think you filed something against them
  • Discrimination
  • Violating the employer-employee written or oral employment agreement
  • Violation of the state’s labor laws
  • Sexual harassment

To start with, you will probably be filled with anger and the thoughts of revenge towards your employer in your mind. Do not retaliate in anger as your former employer might use anything you say or do in anger to build a strong case against. Avoid calling him names or being disrespectful, writing him bad messages or approaching him. To know more about the wrongful employment termination laws in Northampton, MA, click here.

If you were fired for reasons you do not know, find out from your employer why he feels that he should terminate your services and if it was his idea to dismiss you. It is your right to know the reasons behind your dismissal. If he doesn’t give you any, do not demand, but rather seek legal advice from your lawyer.

You will need a competent lawyer if you were wrongfully dismissed to advise and represent you. He will clearly explain your rights and let you know if your dismissal was unlawful or not. From there you can work as a team in filing a case against your employer.

Let your lawyer know if you had a written employment agreement as it will come in handy in building a stronger case. You stand to win the case if your employer violated the agreement about dismissal. You can also ask for your personal employment file as it may have details that the lawyer can use to add more weight to your case.
Return anything in your possession that belongs to the company and use the right procedure to do so. Make sure you inquire about your severance pay when faced with Wrongful Employment Termination Northampton MA. For more information, visit the web visit us website.

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