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When to Call Medicaid Fraud Lawyers in Orange County, NY

For most individuals, the time will never come when they are in need of Medicaid Fraud Lawyers Orange County NY. There are certain situations, however, when a person may be accused of this crime. The reason for this is that there are strict resource and income guidelines that must be followed for this program. If a person lies about their income or resources to obtain benefits they otherwise would not be entitled to, they are committing fraud. What exactly is Medicaid and what must people know about this program?

Medicaid is a program designed to help people in need of medical care that may otherwise not be able to afford it. This program differs from Medicare in that there are income and resource guidelines, as well as other criteria the individual must meet. Funded by the Federal government and the state, the program pays for medical care, including doctor visits, hospital care, medication and anything that is deemed necessary and reasonable for the patient’s health and well-being. In many cases, Medicaid is used to pay for long-term care in the patient’s home or in a facility.

Long term care tends to be costly, and many individuals lack the assets needed to pay for this care. Even those who have long-term care insurance may find it isn’t enough to pay for the services needed, depending on the type of coverage obtained. Although Medicaid does cover the above-mentioned services, the patient may still be required to pay deductibles and they may be asked to contribute a portion of their income to their care. Doing so may stretch the person’s funds and they may be tempted to lie to obtain the desired benefits. This is where fraud comes in.

Any individual who has been charged with this crime needs to look into Medicaid Fraud Lawyers Orange County NY. The lawyer reviews the charges and works to mount a defense for the client. In addition, these lawyers also work with those in the medical field who have been accused of this crime, such as those who are accused of double billing, substitution of generic drugs or billing for phantom visits, among other things. This is a serious crime against the government, thus legal help should be sought immediately. Those accused may contact Mark Aberasturi to discuss their case, as he works with individuals in this situation regularly.

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