Why Divorcing Couples Should Consider Hiring A Family Law Lawyer in Pottstown PA For Help With The Mediation Process

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Law

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Whether spouses are amicable or not, divorce is a tough situation for any family to have to face. However, when ex-spouses are getting along fairly well, it presents a unique opportunity for them to work out their differences. Instead of hiring lawyers and going after each other in a vicious court battle, divorcees can instead choose to work with an attorney through the divorce mediation process. For those who are unfamiliar with how mediation works, read on for a brief overview of the benefits of choosing it and an explanation of why hiring an attorney for help with mediation is better.

What Is Divorce Mediation and What Are Its Benefits?

Divorce mediation is a process in which two divorcing parties and their Family Law Lawyer in Pottstown PA sit down with a neutral third party to discuss the terms of the divorce and the division of assets. This is often a beneficial alternative to litigation for the following reasons:

• Because court battles, take so long, divorcing couples tend to rack up a lot of legal fees in the process. Divorce mediation is often faster, which means that it can save money as well.

• Mediation protects everyone in the family by keeping everything low-key, friendly and private. This is especially important if the divorcing couple has young children.

• Divorce mediation allows former spouses to play a more active role and have more control in creating the divorce decree.

Why Hire An Attorney For Help With Mediation?

Hiring a Family Law Lawyer in Pottstown PA to assist in the mediation process is a must for several important reasons:

• Each spouse needs their own attorney so that they can advocate for their needs. Although two people may behave amicably throughout the divorce process, they still have rights and interests that need to be protected by a lawyer.

• Divorce agreements are legally enforceable. An attorney can help divorcees ensure that they are creating a decree that is not only legally sound but one that will truly work for them on a practical level.

Divorce mediation is a great way for divorcing couples to avoid litigation. However, it can only be successful when it’s done the right way. For those who need legal help with the process of mediation, get in touch with David T. Schnarrs, Attorney At Law. Visit  to learn more about the merits of an amicable divorce.

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