Resolving Your Conditional Residence Issues

by | May 11, 2015 | Lawyers

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A lot of people come to the United States in search of permanent residency. While the United States welcomes people from various countries and nationalities, there are certain rules and guidelines that must be adhered to. These rules are for the protection of the immigrant as well as those who are already citizens of the country. In some cases, the immigrant alien comes to the United States by way of marriage. This could be marriage to a soldier or sailor who was in the country. It could be a U.S. citizen that the immigrant alien met in his or her country.

When such a marriage occurs, the state of the immigrant alien becomes one of a Conditional residence. This is also called conditional permanent residency. Legally speaking, it is the status that occurs to the immigrant alien when he or she obtains a green card through marriage. However, this is only if the marriage took place in less than two years before such residence was granted. The reason for the establishment of such a condition was to reduce fraudulent marriages.

A holder of a green card has two years before the card expires. Ninety days before that card expires, the green card holder must remove the conditional element of a green card. The condition of removal of such status occurs when the green card holder and his or her spouse files a joint petition. This must be done within the specified ninety-day period before the expiration of the card. If the petition is not filed, the card holder may be subject to deportation. Of course, if there are legitimate extenuating circumstances, the deportation process may be aborted.

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